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Life - Life (1970-72/1997) [mp3@320+FLAC] [Z3K]
brak screena

Data dodania:
2012-02-25 21:15:43
Rozmiar: 534.23 MB

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Band: Life
Album: Life
Year: 1970-72/1997
Country: Sweden
Genre: Prog Rock, Psych Rock

A true heavy rock-masterpiece from Sweden. Recorded 1970 with lyrics sung in both Swedish and the English language. The English version was released 1971. The music ranges from incredibly beautiful ballads to freaked out jamming. The last 3 songs is bonustracks and were at the time only available on vinyl singles. Reissued in 1997 by Mellotronen (MELLOCD007).Anders Nordh and Paul Sundlin had previously played together in particular 60th century group of Trolls, and participated on the album King George Discovery. Life was formed in 1970 by Tomas Rydberg, and these young talented musicians delivered progressive rock mixed with jazzy pop songs on the first disc and it use to be said it resembles Leaf Hound and Tear Gas. The album was released both in Swedish and in English, but musical it's the same plate. The disc (English version) is released on CD by Mellotronen. They are said to also participate on the album "Musik fr?n Frihamnen (-72)" with the song "Tro p? v?r värld". They also rumored that a second LP should exist in four test pressing copies (probably called "Life After Life"). They also released two singles "Jag Färdas / Living Loving(-70)" and "Tro p? v?r Värld / To the Country (-72)". The band disbanded in 1972 but Anders and Palle formed together with Peter Lundblad, Tommy Andersson and Lasse Tennander the group Duga that released one album in 1974 loaded with both symphonic rock to pop ballads. In late 1974 Lasse quit the bands to do a solo career and the group changed its name to Figaro. The group had a minor success with the song "Fram?t". Anders Nordh later played in the group Bättre Lyss. Life also appeared on the self-titled album by the band "Resan" with the song "Life".

Tracks Listing:

01. Quo Vadis (I)
02. Nobody Was There To Love Me
03. Many Years Ago
04. Experience Of Love
05. She Walks Across The Room
06. Salling In The Sunshine
07. Quo Vadis (II)
08. Living Is Loving
09. Every Man
10. Experience Of Life
11. One Of Us
12. Yes, I Am
13. Once Upon A Time
14. Quo Vadis (III)
15. Jag Fardas (Bonus Track)
16. To The Country (Bonus Track)
17. Tro Pa Var Varld (Bonus Track)

Line-up / Musicians
Anders Nordh - guitar,piano,organ,bass,vocals
Paul Sundin - bass,12string accoustic guitar,piano,vocals
Thomas Rydberg - drums,percussion

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MP3/03. Many Years Ago.mp3 14.24 MB
MP3/06. Salling In The Sunshine.mp3 12.11 MB
MP3/11. One Of Us.mp3 12.08 MB
MP3/13. Once Upon A Time.mp3 11.27 MB
MP3/08. Living Is Loving.mp3 10.91 MB
MP3/05. She Walks Across The Room.mp3 9.22 MB
MP3/02. Nobody Was There To Love Me.mp3 9.14 MB
MP3/16. To The Country (Bonus Track).mp3 8.72 MB
MP3/12. Yes, I Am.mp3 7.93 MB
MP3/17. Tro Pa Var Varld (Bonus Track).mp3 7.79 MB
MP3/14. Quo Vadis (III).mp3 7.48 MB
MP3/15. Jag Fardas (Bonus Track).mp3 7.15 MB
MP3/09. Every Man.mp3 4.29 MB
MP3/07. Quo Vadis (II).mp3 3.54 MB
MP3/01. Quo Vadis (I).mp3 2.35 MB
MP3/04. Experience Of Love.mp3 2.25 MB
MP3/folder.jpg 1.53 MB
MP3/10. Experience Of Life.mp3 887.80 KB
Scans/front.jpg 2.01 MB
Scans/book3.jpg 1.61 MB
Scans/book2.jpg 1.36 MB
Scans/inlay.jpg 1.31 MB
Scans/book1.jpg 1.23 MB
Scans/back.jpg 1.17 MB
Scans/book4.jpg 1.09 MB
Scans/book5.jpg 1.08 MB
Scans/disk.jpg 778.01 KB
Scans/f1.jpg 117.69 KB
Scans/i.txt 2.38 KB
Life - Life.flac 389.58 MB
f.JPG 33.50 KB
Life - Life.cue 2.10 KB


Dodał: burza965
Data: 2012-02-26 06:17:18
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